Friday, 7 June 2013

Spring on me

 Vest and Necklace, FOREVER 21 Skater Skirt, Yvanas Round Sunnies, Wardrobe Shop Flower Crown, Elle Poupee Affirmation Peace Bracelet, Trinkets Royale Manila DREI Wedge Gold Dot

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dinner @ Friday's

         This is one of the best ceasar salad I've ever tasted. The whole thing was fresh and also the        croutons because it is crunchy like the green ones and what I love the most was its dressing. I dunno but I really loved this salad. You must try.

      I know most of us have tasted Friday's specialty, the baby back ribs. This is good also but I am actually on a diet stage so, I am loving most the salad instead of loving this ribs. But This is also good, no doubt.

      Friday's bottomless lemonade was extremely a thirst quencher. One of the most refreshing drink ever.

     Their tomato based pasta reminds me of what my brother prepared for our Media Noche just this January for New Year. It was so good, and this was what I ate the most among the other meal above this photo. I am loving the tomato based pasta.

     I love this shot from me. I took this when I already finished my dinner, got nothing to do so.. Tadaa!!

                                 My loving cousin/sister and My loving aunt/mother.

                                                         She's pretty isn't she?

                        The middle person was the reason why we're here. It's now her legal stage.

                                                   Together w/ her :">

                                        Happy Birthday, Austine Therese!!

                                                     Busy person number 1

                                                 Busy person number 2
                             She's just too busy replying the person who greeted her

                                         And I am too busy for smiling for a shot

                                                      This night was epic!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Simply Refined

Corset Artful Fashion Peace Bracelets; Trinkets Royale Manila Marching Band Vest; ZARA TRF Necklace WEAR MAUVE Silver Bangles and Belt; Forever 21 Shorts NEXT Gladiator MENDREZ Connector ring The Lyra Shoppe Headband Accessorize

The thing about blogging what I wear is how it reflect my personality, not just mine, but it's every woman how they dress their personality. My outfit comes with different stores that I just put them on together but I am glad it suits me well enough to this blog post. I am very thankful to my sister cousin for always taking me this wonderful shots from the camera. Hope you liked everything here. Thanks for reading my blog.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Metallic Invasion

 This blog post will be my very first update for this year, 2013! What? Hahaha! I know, I have been busy those past months so I do not have enough time to update my blog. I can still remember the last post that I posted last year, november. I feet so lucky to get a chance to shoot today, friday, because earlier I received an award from school as the best scriptwriter among the four schools.

Anyway, I chose the "Metallic Invasion" as my title because everything that I wore here has metallic piece, execpt for my flower crown. Everything, my sunnies, my earrings, my ring, my skirt, my top. I am trying to keep my blog updated so that my audiences will always visit me. I want them to hit my blog when I already updated not letting them wait for another one.

Flower Crown Elle Poupee Round Sunglasees The Wardrobe Shop Connector Ring The LyRa Shoppe Top with scattered spikes The Stylehood Brick Gold Skirt Luscious Closet Heels Nine West